Celebs Who Don’t Use Social Media


Online networking is an indispensable piece of our lives now, there's no way to avoid it. Instagram is there for style looks, cosmetics selfies and fast Insta stories to tell individuals what you're doing. Twitter is for discussing, sharing your perspectives and clever jokes. Youtube is all the more long structure nowadays, it's about movement or cosmetics instructional exercises. And keeping in mind that a few bloggers on the journey for popularity post each day, now and again on numerous occasions and on different online life stages, there are famous people who keep away from web based life at all costs. How about we discover their identity and why they feel thusly. 

1. Emma Stone 

Emma Stone had a go at being on Twitter once yet very quickly surrendered it. From that point forward she's not by any means into online life. She says she needn't bother with that kind of weight and input. It just wouldn't be a positive encounter for her.

2. Daniel Radcliffe 

Daniel Radcliffe says he's not via web-based networking media since he loves his private life to be private. Furthermore, he imagines that once you begin enlightening individuals regarding your life online you can't anticipate that that solicitation of protection should be paid attention to. We need to concur, it bodes well. 

3. Scarlett Johansson 

Scarlett Johansson doesn't utilize any web based life either. She says she's never getting a Facebook or Twitter. She just has better activities with her time and continually sharing subtleties of her own life appears to be trivial and ludicrous. 

4. Jennifer Lawrence 

Jennifer is broadly not excellent with innovation. She's not embarrassed about it. In one of her meetings she referenced that she scarcely stays aware of her messages so getting a Twitter record is somewhat unfathomable to her. 

5. George Clooney 

Clooney isn't into the possibility of online networking on the grounds that he doesn't think he should be always accessible for analysis. Additionally, he's completely mindful that it's anything but difficult to state or accomplish something incorrectly via web-based networking media and he could without much of a stretch commit that error and after that he'd need to manage it… it's an excess of problem, so why even begin. 

6. Keira Knightley 

Keira considers Twitter to be extremely unpleasant. Like for what reason would individuals simply post about what they're doing. She really tried it once trying to be cool with new things, for 12 hours, under a bogus name, yet got went nuts by the entire experience and chose to avoid it. 

7. Rachel McAdams 

Rachel McAdams says she's simply exceptionally oblivious with regards to online life and stuff that way. She doesn't stare at the TV and clearly gets her news from the radio. Is that truly evident? We question it. Nobody can be that out-dated about these things. You'd be days if not months behind. 

8. Kate Winslet 

Kate is immovably against online life. She says no good thing originates from it. She is of the conclusion that it makes young ladies feel awful, and everything it does is make them think they must be loved by everybody and it at last prompts body and certainty issues and a wide range of disarranges. 

9. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen 

The Olsen twins are refusing any sort of online networking. They like their protection. Of course, experiencing childhood with screen and having paparazzi tail you wherever truly since you were a child will do that you do. 

10. Emily Blunt 

Emily obtuse says she's so distant she feels like a dinosaur with regards to internet based life. Simply staying aware of messaging is difficult enough. In any case, genuinely, it's simply not her thing and that is fine. We'd much preferably observe her doing admirably on screen over via web-based networking media. 

11. Jennifer Garner 

Jennifer considers it to be a task she truly doesn't require in her life. It would simply be a wellspring of blame. Furthermore, she supposes nobody truly needs to see the in a mind-blowing background. Grabbing her children from kindergarten and spending time with different mothers isn't that fascinating. 

12. Julia Roberts 

Julia Roberts considers Instagram like a TV appear. She's mindful of it, she comprehends what it's about, yet she simply doesn't watch it, in light of the fact that for her it would be an exercise in futility. On the off chance that she had Instagram she supposes she'd be on it continually and she has better activities.

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