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Google AdSense Review


Google AdSense Network Description
AdSense is a major development in online advertising. You are also able to change the colours of the text ads so that they either fit into the design of your site, or stand out, depending on what you are trying to achieve. They also have the ability to sometimes show contextually relevant image ads, and you are able to redirect any unpaid ads to a third party network.
Although you do nee to reach $100 before you are paid from Google, the balance from each month does roll over to the next month until you have reached this figure, and you can rest assured that a company such as Google will always pay and always on time.
Overall, Google AdSense is great way to monetize your current traffic, especially when utilized as a skyscraper or similar next to your content.
Google AdSense Network Details
Commission Type:CPC, CPM,PPC
Minimum Payment:$ 100 or 70 euros
Payment Frequency:NET30 every 21. in Month
Payment Method:Cheque,Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT),Western Union
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Google AdSense Payment Proof
We got paid by Google Adsense many times and on time so it is legit company! Feel free to try it.

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