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Strongest Female Heroines of Game of Thrones


Probably the most adorable and moving female characters have stolen our hearts from the notorious hit TV show Game of Thrones. The show might be over now, however the ladies of Game of Thrones keep on demonstrating to us being a champion in male-commanded, male-focused world. From most established to most youthful, and from extreme to refined, the female characters of GOT extend in age, character and individual battles, giving all of us somebody to relate on the show. In the event that you've never observed the show GOT, or simply need a portion of female strengthening, look at this rundown of the 6 most grounded female courageous women of Game of Thrones. 

Cersei Lannister 

Some may feel like Cersei isn't their some tea, however this character will do anything for the best enthusiasm of her kids. As a rule, she is heartless in the quest for what she needs, however we would all be able to remove a page from her book with regards to being bold about following what we need. Over her sheer unashamed methodology, she has a savvy political care with a skill for deliberately traveling through the troublesome parts of life.

Arya Stark 

One of the extraordinary things we can gain from Arya Stark is the capacity to tackle your negative feelings to accomplish objectives. Arya is an extreme young lady that realizes how to center and point her requirement for retribution at her foes and handles herself under forced circumstances. She is dauntless and difficult in seeking after what she needs, characteristics that a large number of us will always want a greater amount of in our regular daily existence.

Daenerys Targaryen 

Daenerys is the exemplification of a blooming hero we can pull for. She experienced an absolute transformation all through Game of Thrones. She bit by bit changed from her underlying depiction as delicate and controllable by the men throughout her life, to a brave and reasonable pioneer of multitudes of men. She is delicate yet firm, fair-minded yet caring, and in general a tremendous motivation and relatable character to ladies in initiative.

Sansa Stark 

Sansa has likewise experienced a change in character, as she was a hopeful, gullible young lady when the show started. As time advanced, and she needed to manage numerous hardships like catastrophe and sexual maltreatment, Sansa's unspoiled mien and dreams started to change. She discovered that she should battle back despite affliction and individual agony, an acknowledgment all ladies must reach in the end.


Missandei, who is interpreter for Daenerys, is objectives for every one of us with regards to supporting our companions. She has gone from simply being an interpreter, however a genuine companion and friend to Daenerys. Sisters aren't generally blood related, and Missandei is an ideal case of how companions become increasingly like family when the obligation of sisterhood is framed.

Lady Olenna 

Woman Olenna is a more seasoned female character of the show—grandma of Queen Margaery—however is an influential lady in her very own right. She has made solid walks in different scenes all through the show, and is one of the more essential characters rather than other female characters in her age section. Woman Olenna is an incredible case of maturing in style and effortlessness, and demonstrates that you can have an effect on your environment and in your very own life regardless of your age.

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