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30 Hollywood Smiles That Cost Thousands Of Dollars To Fix

Having a Hollywood smile is almost a prerequisite for any aspiring screen actor as not having a pearly set of whites can cause a lot of casting directors to shake their heads in disgust.
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With those vain realities in mind, you'd think that every famous actor had sparkling teeth the moment they set foot in Tinseltown. However, judging by these well-known stars, that isn't always the case. Many of the so-called perfect smiles are the result of cosmetic surgery and even white veneers! Here are eleven surprising examples.

1. Nicolas Cage

Shutterstock/ Denis Makarenko
Nicolas Cage has gone off the Hollywood radar in recent years, but in his heyday, he was one of Hollywoods most bankable stars. But it was his role in the 1984 Vietnam war movie, Birdy, that required Cage to part with two of his teeth.
It was probably for the best though as after filming the Oscar-winning actor got himself a shiny set of veneers. And as you can see, they've done his appearance a world of good.

2. Denzel Washington

Shutterstock/ Everett Collection
Often heralded as one of Hollywood's greatest ever actors, the handsome performer has long made women weak at the knees, but even talents as big as Denzel started their careers with physical flaws. For Washington, those were his teeth.
While there is no official confirmation from the man himself that he had work done, you can quickly tell by comparing earlier photos to ones in the recent years that the gap in his front teeth was noticeably improved.

3.  Gary Busey

Shutterstock/ Kathy Hutchins
As you can see, American funnyman Gary Busey was in dire need of some dental work, and thankfully for the big-jawed man, a set of white veneers came to his rescue.
Photographers were probably grateful to hear the news too! 

4. George Clooney

Shutterstock/ magicinfoto
It's hard to imagine that this handsome man would ever need help with his appearance, but even ladies man Clooney needs help. In his case, it was his teeth that needed an upgrade as he regularly ground his teeth when stressed.
Because of such 'stress', Clooney was fitted with a white set of veneers, and in the process made it even harder for any other male to be deemed attractive.

5. Victoria Beckham

Shutterstock/ Everett Collection
Victoria Beckham never used to smile, because, like many British people, they aren't exactly known for the beauty of their teeth.
However, in recent years, the Spice Girl and fashion designer has invested heavily in dental treatment, and now has more reasons to smile. Well, sort of.

6. Jim Carrey

Shutterstock/ Andrea Raffin
Early on in Jim Carrey's career, the movie star lived with a tooth cap to cover a significant chip that he sustained before his acting career took off.
He even took it off for his endearing role as Lloyd in the "Dumb and Dumber" movie before he got veneers.

7. Hilary Duff

Shutterstock/Miro Vrlik Photography
The Lizzie McGuire actress was never someone with bad teeth, but they were starting to go a bit yellow, and once she chipped a tooth, Duff decided to forgo a cap and get the full veneer treatment.
More practical than vain, but Duff still went all Hollywood on us by doing this!

8. Cheryl Cole 

Shutterstock/ Featureflash Photo Agency
While Americans may only know her for her brief role on America's X Factor, the British singer is now most known for her relationship with One Direction heartthrob Liam Payne. But in her younger days, Cheryl wasn't conventionally attractive due to her crooked teeth.
So like many would with her money, the singer dipped into her pockets and joined the growing list of celebrities opting for a shiny set of veneers.

9. Catherine Zeta-Jones 

Shutterstock/ Tinseltown
The Welsh starlet wasn't always a perfect goddess. Married to Michael Douglass, Zeta-Jones once had short stubby teeth so added porcelain veneers to lengthen them.
Still a natural beauty, but clearly not in the teeth department!

10. Mike Tyson

Shutterstock/ Joe Seer
Mike Tyson didn't have a comfortable life growing up, but even when he had an estimated $300m fortune, he still had his front teeth knocked out owing to his profession as a boxer! 
Still, where there's money there's always a solution, and in Iron Mike's case, the solution was, unfortunately, two dentures.

11. Celine Dion

The Canadian songstress is a global name and earns millions each year, and when you have an angelic voice like Dion's, it doesn't hurt to look the part as well!  
At least, that was probably what the talented musician thought when she underwent dental treatment to straighten and whiten her decayed teeth.

12. Miley Cyrus

Teenager gets teeth straightened out is hardly news but when that teenager is a Disney TV star turned racy singing sensation then heck yes it is.
Anyway, after years as a clean-cut Disney star, Miley decided she wanted to shake things up with her image, and this included straightening and whitening her teeth. Shocker!

13. Zac Efron

Shutterstock/ Tinseltown
How do you go from cute child star to Hollywood hunk? Get jacked and get that gap in your teeth sorted, that's the model that seemed to work for Zac Efron anyway.
Like most kids, Efron had slightly wonky teeth, but they are now, straighter and whiter than most of the lead men in Hollywood. 

14. LeAnn Rimes

Shutterstock/ twocoms
The country singer went through a few changes a while back as she decided she wanted to get fitter and get veneers and why the heck not? It's her body after all.
 Anyway, she did that after she was already a star, so it was for personal satisfaction rather than career progression.

15. Cristiano Ronaldo

Shutterstock/ Christiano Barni
Before he became one of the best soccer players ever to grace the game, Cristiano Ronaldo was just another gawky teenager with wonky teeth.
Get a bit of money and a certain level of superstardom and suddenly you want to become a chiseled superhuman with sculpted abs and perfect teeth. 

16. Megan Fox

Shutterstock/ Kathy Hutchins
With her front two teeth protruding further than her others and having a slight bit of a wonky smile, Megan Fox was known for her more adorable looks rather than sultry ones in the early days of her career.
She has had a few procedures to change that and her teeth being done is just one of them but we reckon she looks great either way. 

17. Michael Douglas

Shutterstock/ Featureflash Photo Agency
Michael kept his own teeth through several decades of successful movie making and it was only as he got older that he got a new set of veneers.
Perhaps it was for vanity or perhaps it was just age catching up with him, either way, his teeth look good. 

18. Blake Lively

Shutterstock/ Denis Makarenko
Blake Lively has always been gorgeous and talented and the actor who starred in The Shallows obviously felt her teeth needed a touch-up, which is totally fine and her decision to do so.
She got them straightened out a bit then whitened and she still looks great, as she always has done.

19. Niall Horan

When Niall first came to the attention of the world he was just a teenager on a talent contest with a few other lads who had formed a band and, like most teens, his teeth weren't in great shape.
Now very successful and with a solo career, he has obviously taken the time and spent the money to have his gnashers aligned a bit better, and why not?

20. Emma Roberts

Shutterstock/ Tinseltown
Niece of Julia Roberts, who is well-known for having large teeth, Emma must have felt self-conscious about hers from when she was a child star.
Now brighter and whiter, she has gained a more 'classic' Hollywood smile.

21. Lindsay Lohan

Shutterstock/ Tinseltown
Lindsay Lohan has had her ups and downs and with them has come a few transformations and changes, and that also applies to her teeth.
Much healthier and happier these days, she also sports very white, very straight teeth. 

22. Morgan Freeman

Shutterstock/ Tinseltown
Morgan Freeman has been around for quite some time and it took him until his later years to decide he wanted to sort his grin out but when your box office record is as sturdy as his and your best known for your unique vocal talents rather than your look then you can afford to have your teeth tampered with.
Slightly crooked and no yellower than the average person, Freeman got his teeth to the Hollywood white of everyone else in the business and a bit straighter too.

23. Cardi B

Shutterstock/ JStone
From her urban dwellings in New York stripping for spare cash to topping the Billboard charts, Cardi B's upgrades have come in more ways than one. Of course, for the purpose of this article, we'll focus on her teeth upgrade, which is mighty fine.
Now donning the dresses from the biggest designers and all-but ending Nick Minaj's career, Cardi B now has ample reasons to those pearly whites. 

24. Jurgen Klopp 

Shutterstock/ lev radin
After years of dental pain through no fault of his own dental hygiene (or lack of it), Liverpool's soccer manager Jurgen Klopp decided to use his newfound fame and fortune by investing a sparkly set of whites.
The procedure installed a series of veneers into the German manager's mouth, and it wasn't long before social media was awash with speculation as to the sudden upturn in his new smile.

25. Simon Cowell

Shutterstock/ Featureflash Photo Agency
The British music mogul has always been open about his love for looking good and fighting against inevitable signs of ageing, and one of his trademark physical characteristics in recent years has been his pearly whites.
These ashen-white teeth were first seen on Cowell at a Britain's Got Talent live show. 

26. David Beckham

Shutterstock/ Andrea Raffin
As well as his pop star wife, David Beckham also takes immense pride in his appearance, and with looks like his, who can blame him? In time, the star's image took on more of that of a global movie star than a soccer player for Manchester United, and with increasing fame came more investment in his pretty boy looks.
Nowadays, David regularly tops the Sexiest Men polls, and a pearly set of whites certainly helped him top such lists.

27. Jay-Z

Shutterstock/ Everett Collection
Jay-z is a hip hop maestro who officially became the first billionaire of his kind! A fantastic, game-changing artist, the Brooklyn-born artist may be poked fun at for his unconventional looks, but Jay's had the last laugh by developing into a very handsome and successful man with a killer smile.
Beyonce's a lucky woman!

28. Gwen Stefani

Shutterstock/ Debby Wong
Gwen Stefani is a natural beauty, and it's hard to imagine someone like her would ever feel the need to undergo any surgery to aid their appearance. However, even bombshells like her have insecurities, and in her earlier days, it was her teeth that kept her up at night.
The “Hollaback Girl” star now sports a great set of teeth, only adding to her glowing beauty.

29. 50 Cent

Shutterstock/ Jamie Lamor Thompson
50 Cent was often the but of much ridicule over how big his two front teeth were, but like with most successful people, he ended up having the last laugh.
Today, the legendary hip hop star possesses a gleaming pair of whites, so it's little wonder he's always smiling. 

30. Tom Crusie

Shutterstock/ 360b
Believe it or not, the king of the Hollywood smile wasn't born with a pair of gleaming whites.
In reality, Cruise was a buck-toothed teenager, and it wasn't until his first significant role in the actions series, 'Mission Impossible' that cruise underwent dental treatment. Today, all of Tom's teeth are believed to be veneers.

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